image_NapxvGS.jpeg (image_znh2iKj.webp)Anyone who has ever dealt with joint pain knows that it can be a real hindrance to your daily life. Degenerative conditions, joint disorders, and major injuries can make activities that you once enjoyed feel painful and discouraging. You may have tried everything to find pain relief, from physical therapy to the healing crystal that your wacky neighbor swore would work. Luckily, we can offer you the solution you've been looking for at Sports Medicine & Joint Replacement Specialists with ultrasound-guided injections.

Whether you're dealing with hip pain, knee pain, or any other type of joint pain, ultrasound-guided injections can be an extremely effective treatment option.

With precise needle placement and real-time imaging, our sports medicine specialists can target the source of your discomfort and help you finally get some pain relief.

What Is an Ultrasound Guided Injection?

If you've received traditional injections, you know that they can sometimes be a bit of a guessing game. The doctor or nurse uses their best judgment to find the right spot to insert the needle, but even with their years of experience, it's not always accurate. This is where ultrasound-guided injections come in, using ultrasound imaging to guide injections into the proper area.

An ultrasound-guided injection is a minimally-invasive procedure that involves an injection performed with the use of sound waves to create a real-time image of the injection site. Using ultrasound imaging, your specialist can see exactly where to place the needle so that the medication is delivered directly to the target area. This proper placement not only provides an accurate injection but also reduces the risk of side effects that typically accompany joint and tendon injections.

Ultrasound-guided injections are becoming increasingly popular as more doctors and patients realize their potential. In addition to being more accurate than traditional injections, ultrasound-guided injections can also be used for other imaging modalities such as biopsies and aspiration procedures. The use of ultrasound improves the overall experience of the patient and provider alike, allowing sports medicine specialists to provide exceptional, precise care.

How Can Ultrasound Guided Injections Help Me?

Ultrasound-guided injections are an extremely versatile treatment option that can be used for a variety of different conditions. If you're dealing with any type of joint pain, tendonitis, bursitis, or another soft tissue injury, ultrasound-guided injections may be the perfect solution for you. This low-risk procedure can be used to treat the following:

  • Hip joint pain - Whether you're dealing with bursitis, tendonitis, or another type of hip injury, an ultrasound-guided hip injection can help relieve pain and ease discomfort while sitting or standing.
  • Knee joint pain - From degenerative conditions like rheumatoid arthritis to ligament injuries, ultrasound-guided knee injections can provide much-needed relief for knee pain and improve your mobility.
  • Shoulder pain - Many people struggle with rotator cuff tendonitis or impingement syndrome, both of which can be effectively treated with an ultrasound-guided joint injection. Ultrasound imaging can provide greater accuracy for the injections of multiple different structures in the shoulder including the Glenohumeral joint, also known as the true shoulder joint.
  • Elbow pain - If you're dealing with tennis elbow, ¬†golfer's elbow, or another type of elbow injury, an ultrasound-guided injection can help you find relief.
  • Biceps tendonitis - ¬†Another common condition that can be treated with ultrasound-guided injections is biceps tendonitis, which is an inflammation of the biceps tendon.