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Experienced Neck Pain Doctors in Pittsburgh, PA

Cervical Injuries

Because many sports involve the potential for hard contact, neck injuries tend to be common among athletes. These injuries can cause serious pain, limited mobility, and other symptoms that make it difficult to participate in your favorite activities. If you're an athlete, this can have a significant impact on your ability to perform, as well as your overall quality of life.

At Sports Medicine & Joint Replacement Specialists, our team of cervical pain specialists is proud to have provided patients with cutting-edge neck pain relief for a combined 40 years and counting. We’re committed to offering patients the least invasive, most conservative treatments available, ensuring that your recovery is as quick, effective, and affordable as possible. When you receive care from Sports Medicine & Joint Replacement Specialists, you’re not just another patient – you’re a member of our family.

From providing you with an accurate diagnosis to developing the perfect cervical pain treatment plan to meet your goals, our neck pain specialists are here to help. If you’re ready to find the relief you deserve, don’t wait – schedule an appointment with Sports Medicine & Joint Replacement Specialists today.

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Minimally-Invasive Relief for Cervical Pain Symptoms

Treatment for Common Cervical Pain Causes

Cervical injuries in athletes usually occur when there is a sudden impact to the neck, head, or upper body. This can happen when you're tackled in football, hit by a puck in hockey, or collide with another player in basketball. Whiplash is also a common type of neck injury that can occur in car accidents or other high-impact situations.

If you're experiencing chronic neck pain, it's important to consult with a medical professional to determine the cause. Some of the most common cervical conditions we treat at Sports Medicine & Joint Replacement Specialists include:

  • Cervical Sprains and Strains: These injuries are caused by overstretching or tearing the ligaments and muscles in the neck.
  • Cervical Radiculopathy: Also known as a "pinched nerve," this condition occurs when a nerve in the neck is compressed or irritated.
  • Cervical Disc Herniation: This is a condition in which the gel-like center of a spinal disc ruptures and puts pressure on the nerve root.
  • Cervical Spondylosis: This is a degenerative condition that occurs when the cartilage between the vertebrae starts to break down.
  • Whiplash: This is a type of neck injury that occurs when the head is suddenly jerked forward or backward.

Struggling with neck pain and in need of a diagnosis? At Sports Medicine & Joint Replacement Specialists, our team of experts is here to help. We offer a comprehensive range of services for the diagnosis and treatment of cervical injuries that utilizes the latest technology available in the field. Don't wait to get the care you need -- contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I have a cervical injury?

If you've been involved in a high-impact accident or collision, it's important to seek medical attention as soon as possible. Other signs that you may have suffered a cervical injury include neck pain, stiffness, headaches, dizziness, and difficulty moving your head or neck.

Which athletes are most prone to cervical injuries?

Any athlete participating in a high-contact sport is a greater risk than others for suffering a cervical injury. This includes:

  • Football players
  • Hockey players
  • Rugby players
  • And more.

Do you accept insurance for neck pain treatment?

Yes! Sports Medicine & Joint Replacement Specialists is proud to accept a wide variety of insurances across Western PA, Ohio, and West Virginia for cervical pain therapies. For patients in the Pittsburgh area, we accept both Highmark and UPMC. View our Insurance page to see our list of providers, and if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our knowledgeable and friendly staff.

How can I get started with the best orthopedic neck surgeon near me?

The team at Sports Medicine & Joint Replacement Specialists is passionate about making our care as easy to access as possible for all of our future patients. If you’re ready to schedule an appointment, just use our Online Tool to select a time that works best for you.